Native Apps

Native App:
"A software application developed specifically to run on the architecture of a mobile device, and which is downloaded, purchased, upgraded through a central distribution portal such as the App Store." (

Web App:
"In computing, a web-based application is any application that uses a web browser as a client" (Wikipedia)

We develop both native and web apps (and hybrid) for IOS, Android and Windows, but like with oysters we recommend the natives!

Why choose native apps?

  • Native apps are faster
  • Smoother user experience, responding more fluidly to user gestures such as swipes and pinches
  • Better device integration, taking advantage of camera, microphone, gyro, accelerator and more
  • Better support for offline use with flexible data synchronization
  • Push and notification capabilities

Usually developing and maintaining cross platform native apps involves a much higher cost than developing web apps. However, we have found a way of reusing up to 80% of the code between the different mobile platforms and the web, Windows and MAC applications.
This way we can offer cross platform native apps and applications much faster and at a much lower price, starting as low as £500.

If you need one or more apps or you are just intereseted I knowing more please write to